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Charlene’s Style Story

Stylist Charlene Roxborough Konsker began her styling career in her childhood closet. Born and raised in Jamaica, she spent early mornings exploring her wardrobe with the guidance of her well-fashioned mom, sharing style stories as they pieced outfits together.

Grounded in an organic lifestyle and vibrant culture, Charlene’s style stories often mirrored her natural and diverse surroundings—a harmonious blend of neutrals and pops of color. Artful and connective, clothing became her medium.

At a young age, a move brought Charlene to the suburbs of Chicago, and in her early twenties, she came to Los Angeles with her intuitive design philosophy. Fashion came naturally to her, and after styling her first music video, doors opened to work with photographers David Lachapelle and Norman Jean Roy. Charlene has worked with Eva Longoria, styled John Legend and Kris Jenner, and collaborated with Alberta Ferretti, Genny and Zuhair Murad. Her curated looks have captivated the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Cannes Film Festival. Today, Charlene is one of the most revered stylists, having her work featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Forbes.

Charlene’s own style story was shaped by her mother, who celebrated clothing as a form of self-expression, and a colleague who entrusted her with her very first styling opportunity. She spent her lifetime as a visionary, using clothing to allow others to express narratives of their own. This gift lives on in her newest childrenswear collection, fondly named after her little girl Stone.

In her search for beautiful, simple and organic clothing, Charlene was overwhelmed with an array of disparate pieces that were more limiting than expansive in expression—an incomplete story.

To uncomplicate and unclutter, she envisioned quality, modular essentials that invite parents and children to mix, blend and match for endless outfit possibilities. For you and yours, discover simplicity, ease and enjoyment in your morning routine. Most importantly, know that Stone Windsor is a collection of the right pieces, designed intentionally to explore a lifetime of play, expression, and abundance greater than the sum of its parts.

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