3 Tips to Add Simplicity & Style to Your Next Family Photoshoot

Whether you hire a photographer to take photos, or decide to gather the family and take them yourself, here are three tips to bring refreshing ease to your next family photoshoot. 

1. Choose clean comfort to look and feel natural behind the camera, iPhone, or tripod 

On picture day, you may feel inclined to have everyone wear their Sunday best. Instead, we recommend choosing classic, high-comfort staples that look crisp and clean. Adding warmth to your images and ease to your styling efforts, comfortable clothing lets your kids be kids – no itching, pinching, restricting or complaining.  As they move freely and feel like themselves, you’ll capture the shot in no time.  

Settle your search for an outfit that will look as good as it feels in the Marley Pant and Stone Sweatshirt. 

2. Don’t match – blend

The modern family photo leaves room for mixing soft tones (like the ones in our capsule collection) and playing with each child’s personal style. Instead of wearing the same outfit, add dimension, personality and intrigue by selecting a complimentary color palette. We would recommend avoiding bright colors and bold patterns to keep the focus on you and your family.  

3. Play with props 

Avoid the struggle of posing your children and requesting that they stay still. Incorporating their favorite toys, a hobby or a styling accessory can keep them entertained and camera-ready, all while adding charm and personality. Natural, pose-free moments can also be captured during an activity–try gardening, cooking, biking, or playing on the beach to photograph family fun.  

Taking a cue from our clothing collection, we find that the best family photos are those that are simple & organic, capturing genuine, unposed moments. 

April 30, 2023 — Our Team