Our Design Philosophy 

Renowned for blending the timeless and the modern in her styling, Founder and Mother Charlene Roxborough Konsker came up empty handed in her search for modular, everyday childrenswear for her little girl Stone. In place of bold patterns and itchy sequins, she envisioned an intentional collection complete with organic, supple fabric and refreshing neutral tones.

In bringing Stone Windsor to life, Charlene poured her styling expertise into every piece, reinventing organic staple pieces for your everyday lifestyle. Styling has always been second nature to Charlene, an essence captured and thoughtfully refined in her children’s collection. As you explore this collection, discover ease in knowing that each piece is designed as complementary to create endless style stories for your young one. 


Meet Charlene Roxborough Konsker

Born and raised in Jamaica, Charlene brought her effortless styling philosophy and organic lifestyle to a capsule collection of pieces that you and your children can mix, blend and match.