Let's dive into some creative Halloween decoration ideas you can easily make with your kids to spookify your space.

Ghostly Window Silhouettes: Create spooky window silhouettes by cutting out ghost shapes from white paper or cardboard. Attach them to your windows, and when the lights are on inside, they'll cast ghostly shadows outside. Your kids can draw on faces for an extra fun touch. 

Eerie Eyes in the Bushes: Cut out eye shapes from glow-in-the-dark paper or cardboard and place them in bushes or trees around your yard. As dusk falls, these eyes will come alive, giving your home a mysterious atmosphere.

Handprint Spiders: To make this craft, you’ll only need a few supplies. Black washable paint (or whatever color spider your kid wants) and some googly eyes.
Paint your child’s hand black with a brush – these foam rollers work well for spreading evenly — and place it on your paper. Then you can use the same hand to create the other half of the spider’s body — just overlap the palm part. 

Haunted House Lanterns: Create haunted house lanterns by decorating mason jars with black construction paper cutouts of windows, doors, and spooky characters. Place a tea light inside to cast eerie shadows.

Pumpkin Garland: Design a pumpkin garland by cutting out pumpkin shapes from orange paper and attaching them to a string. Add jack-o'-lantern faces using markers or cutouts.

Floating Ghosts: Craft floating ghosts using white balloons and tissue paper. Place a small, battery-operated light inside the balloon before inflating, then drape white tissue paper over the balloon to create a ghostly effect.

Spooky Fort: Bring out the bed sheets. Set up a "spooky fort" with blankets and cushions, and let your imagination run wild. It's the perfect setting for sharing spooky stories, playing flashlight tag, and creating your own ghostly adventures.

Halloween Ghost Footprint Sign: Here's another fun idea that is very easy to do with your younger children. With these DIY decorations, you and your kids can turn your home into a haunted house that's both creative and eerie. Enjoy the process of crafting and decorating together, and let your imaginations run wild! 

October 16, 2023 — Charlene Roxborough Konsker